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Large Crystals

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SALE 20%

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Why Crystals?

Crystals are amazing natural creations from Mother Earth and they all carry different beneficial energies.
When you hold a crystal you may feel something eg heat, cold, a pulsating energy or nothing. You can be drawn to a particular crystal for no reason that you can explain - a crystal will choose you! Crystals work to cleanse their surroundings, absorbing negative energies and transmuting them into clean, positive, energy. This means they need cleansing occasionally. Depending on the type of crystal, you can do this with water, sunlight, moonlight, sound or intention. Crystal structure has memory which stores energies. You can set your intention into a crystal (Crystal Programming) and the crystal will then carry and emit this energy helping your intention to manifest.

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Our crystals are carefully curated, hand selected for their uplifting energies & beauty!


“I just wanted to let you know that my crystals arrived safely today. They are gorgeous... — Deborah
"The best crystal shop in Glastonbury!" — Rosie
I visited your shop & it was so very lovely to meet you and bask in the amazing energy... — Julie
“Beyond excited! It's like a van Gogh painting! It's so beautiful, makes me feel happy... — Steph
“A good selection of quality crystals to choose from, wanted to come away with them... — Jo

Blue Solar Water

The Hawaiian healing practice of Ho'oponopono explains the benefits of drinking water which has been cleansed and charged by the Sun through a cobalt blue glass bottle. Water molecules act in the same way as crystals, both store memory which can then be cleared and re-set/re-programmed with a new positive intention. These beautiful blue glass bottles by Blue Bottle Love allow you to energetically clear your water and then charge it with loving intentions.
Blue Bottle LoveBlue Bottle Love

Blue Bottle Love


All Mainland UK orders include Free Delivery. If you're in a different location, or International, we can let you know how much the shipping will cost.
We use Royal Mail and Parcelforce to deliver most of the crystals and blue bottles, and our extra large crystals are hand delivered. If you would like to pick up your order come and visit us at our shop in Glastonbury.


We package your crystals very carefully to ensure they arrive in perfect condition. Each crystal is wrapped in tissue paper and then we use a mix of paper, and plastic/paper bubble wrap. We reuse old packaging materials where possible too, including cardboard boxes. Bespoke wooden boxes are built to send out some of the larger crystals which are shipped internationally and the extra large crystals for Mainland UK are hand delivered with minimal packaging.
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Glastonbury Shop



You'll find Large Crystals just off Glastonbury High Street in The Gauntlet. We're open most days, but being a small business sometimes life gets in the way and we have to close. Closed: Sunday 26 May Wednesday 29 May
21 The Gauntlet St Johns Square Glastonbury Somerset BA6 9QL
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